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  • We program and support our own software in-house.
  • No Outsourcing.
  • We are not an MLM company or affiliate.
  • Works even if you can't login!
    1. Download our software using another computer.
    2. Burn it to CD or load to USB.
    3. Boot the CD/USB on the problem computer.
  • Simple Instructions & Support Included
  • The leader in Password Removal since 2006.
  • The Easiest and Quickest Solution.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Recommended by Home Users and Business Professionals.
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    Get Back Into Windows Instantly with Windows Password Reset Pro

    We've been the leader in Windows Password Removal/Reset Software

    Our software will instantly solve your password problem like it has for thousands of our customers.
    • 100% Safe & Easy To Use Solution for your Windows Password Problems.
    • Works even if you can't get into your computer. Download our software with another computer, and boot it on the problem one.
    • Instantly Removes all user passwords including Administrator
    • All Settings, Files, Programs, E-mails, Pictures etc. will still be there.
    • Works on Windows 8,7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, Server 2012, Server 2008, Server 2003 (includes all Windows Servers)
    • No need to bring your computer in for repair or call a technician.

    Why Are You Better Than Your Competitors?

    Recommeneded by Home & Business Users Worldwide.

    The reason is simple, our software has been tried, tested and true worldwide for over 5 years. We've had everyone from home users, small business and big corporations including IBM, Oracle and HP purchase our software and even US government agencies.
    We're a real company and are not a resold MLM product.

    1. Our product is superior because we have created our software in-house and support it in house.
    2. We offer 24/7 E-Mail Support and offer fanatical customer service even after the sale.
    3. Check out our company, we are located in Canada and our own staff within Canada provides all the support.
    4. The other web sites you find usually are "Privacy Protected", why would a normal business hide its identity?
    5. The reason is because many sites are owned by overseas companies. Would you trust your computer to an anonymous overseas/outsourced company with no guarantee or accountability?.
    6. We are not an affiliate or MLM company (notice we use our own PayPal account, not Clickbank or Plimus for payment).

    I'm still not convinced you're the best

    Feel free to call us or send us an e-mail and we'll be glad to reply by e-mail or phone and address any questions or concerns you have.

    Our software works by removing your Windows password and resetting it instantly. We are a Canadian company and are the original programmers of this software, don't be fooled by cheap, dangerous and unreliable imitations that copy our software's name "Password Reset Pro"©®™
    Our solution is guaranteed to be the safest and most reliable solution, fully developed and supported from our offices in-house from Canada.

    How Does It Work I Can't Even Login?

    Instant Download Software

    1. Download the software to the computer you and burn it to a CD or load onto USB drive.
    2. Take the CD/drive to the computer with the problem and have your computer start from the CD/USB instead of loading Windows.
    3. Just choose which account to unlock and remove the password for (that's all).

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    We have the best professional and easiest solution even for beginners.

    Used by beginners and computer technicians and IT professionals around the world.

    Just buy the software now and it will be instantly sent to your e-mail.  You'll get back in instantly.

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    Beware Of Other Low Cost Solutions

    Reported Problems & Risks We've Seen:
  • Computer hacked and taken over due to backdoor trojans being installed
  • Viruses/Adware/Spyware installed
  • Compromised Back Account Information
  • Compromised Passwords.

    The Password Pros Has The Safest Guaranteed Solution!
    Free From Spyware/Adware/Virus )

  • Did You Know?

    Windows Password Reset Pro is the top choice for consumers and businesses because of our superior service and ease of use.