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    Windows Password Reset Pro

    Get Peace of mind.

    For Home users and Business Professionals.
    (If you are a IT professional click here to get details on the technology.)

    What is Windows Password Reset Pro:
    Windows Password Reset Pro is the only Linux based solution with a graphical interface on the market. With a 100% effective rate, and over 20,000 satisfied customers, its by far the superior choice.
    The only solution to have the most comprehensive support for SATA, SCSI, SAS, and RAID cards. No other solution guarantees such an extensive support scope.

    Windows Password Reset Pro works on all versions of Windows including Vista, XP, NT and all other versions and service packs.

    And only Windows Password Reset Pro will work on a Windows 2000 and 2003 (Domain controller running Active Directory) without causing any harm or corruption.
    (Please note that if you have already tried a solution elsewhere and your system no longer boots, our solution cannot fix any corruptions)
    Proudly choose the safest solution, with the simplest process of use.

    What you Get:
          - Free Unlimited Email & Prompt Support
          - Instant download (after purchase)
          - Free Trial  (Click here to try for free)
          - Options for Phone support
          - 100% Guaranteed to get you back into Windows.
          - NO backdoor, spyware, viruses and other dubious products inside the solution 
          - Quality technology, Linux based
          - No installation of other disc's required
          - Instant and easy download
          - Unlocks any password including Administrator safely
          - Up-to-date technology, and security patches updated regularly
         - Works even if your computer fails or has failed the Microsoft Genuine Advantage Test
         - Absolutely NO  credit card information is given to us, and we DO NOT re-sell customer information.
         - We are a proud and verified partner of Paypal-the internet's safest and easiest way to pay
    Key Features:
    Superior Technology 
    Windows Password Reset Pro is the first and only solution to reveal all crucial technology details. Get to know a little about why this is the perfect solution.

    "Not all solutions are the same and any company claiming otherwise, knows nothing about technology or quality. "
    - Linux Engineer, Password Pros.

    Here are a few facts about why Windows Password Reset Pro is effective, safe and easy to use.

    Linux is an operating system like Windows, and can be used like Windows. It makes a much stronger product because it acts like Windows, even though it's not. Microsoft developed DOS over 20 years ago which is what other solutions use. However, even Microsoft no longer supports DOS. The reason is because it is simply unreliable.

    By using a Linux based solution, the DOS problem is avoided, and you're able to get back into your Windows system without risking any of your data (e-mails, pictures, music, documents etc.)

    Linux is the latest in tested & researched technology, with millions around the world using it as the base for all their business. Such as, Forensic labs, Ebay, every time you send and email- you're using Linux. It's compatible with every Windows system, including old versions and the newest.

    Get the added advantage of having compatibility, including support for RAID, SCSI, and all other hard drives. It even supports USB keyboards.

    Here's the best feature of Windows Password Reset Pro, you don't need to know a thing about Linux or Windows.
    Click here to find out how Windows Password Reset Pro works

    Contact Microsoft
    To contact Mircosoft and ask how long it is has been since they based and supported DOS, please click below.
    Click Here To Contact Microsoft

    Points to Consider:
    • Windows Password Reset Pro is backed up and funded by Password Pros's parent company, Compevo.
    • Most mission critical companies such as Forensics Labs, Military Bases, Banks and other Fortune 500 companies trust it for their business. 
    • Windows Password Reset Pro was designed for mission critical business and home users.
    Most users choose Windows Password Reset Pro because of the reliable technology, and because we have the widest support for every system including the latest (and older) Desktops, Laptops, Servers, RAID, SCSI, SATA (1&2) and SAS cards. 

    (Please note that Active@Password is our only recommendation for a DOS based solution should you need to use one)
    We advise all customers to read and ask questions if they have concerns about Windows Password Reset Pro or any other solution. For Administrators of a Windows 2000 and or 2003 server, if you have already used another solution and cannot boot, please do not purchase this product; as it will NOT fix the corruption. If you would like information on how to repair or retrieve your data on the servers, please contact us here. (You do not need to be a customer).

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    Reported Problems & Risks We've Seen:
  • Computer hacked and taken over due to backdoor trojans being installed
  • Viruses/Adware/Spyware installed
  • Compromised Back Account Information
  • Compromised Passwords.

    The Password Pros Has The Safest Guaranteed Solution!
    Free From Spyware/Adware/Virus )

  • Did You Know?

    A Helpful Tip

    If you're locked out of any account on your Windows System, disconnect the computer from your network because the problem simply might be a virus on your computer, or a hacker.

    And always remember to do regular virus scans to avoid getting any spyware or viruses on your system.