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    1. Download our software using another computer.
    2. Burn it to CD or load to USB.
    3. Boot the CD/USB on the problem computer.
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    How It Works

    Can't Log in?

    Windows Password Reset is the only and complete Linux Solution with A Graphical Interface. With updated security patches every week.

    Click Here To See How Our Program Looks (Screenshots)

    3 Steps and you're done:

    1)     Purchase the product
    Purchase from any computer, including Mac.
    (Purchasing from computers owned by trusted friends & family members are encouraged rather then buying from a library or other public computers).

    2)    Burn your CD
    A reliable burning program is included for Free with your purchase).
    *CD & USB Version Included (if you don't have a CDROM you can use a USB pen/flash drive).

    3)    Put in the CD and just choose the username you want to unlock!

    Easy to use for anyone - you can get in within seconds.
    Step by step screen shot instructions are included for free.
    Support is free and available 24/7 if you need it.

    And you're done!

    Click Here To See How Our Program Looks (Screenshots)

    Please note:
    If you are an Administrator for Windows 2003 Server, you need to use a Linux solution with updated drivers and the latest security patches. Windows Password Reset Pro is the only solution to ensure that nothing gets damaged to the server including system files. Performance updates are crucial and mission critical, if you are unsure, please contact us.

    We welcome your questions and concerns. Please contact us.

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    Beware Of Other Low Cost Solutions

    Reported Problems & Risks We've Seen:
  • Computer hacked and taken over due to backdoor trojans being installed
  • Viruses/Adware/Spyware installed
  • Compromised Back Account Information
  • Compromised Passwords.

    The Password Pros Has The Safest Guaranteed Solution!
    Free From Spyware/Adware/Virus )

  • Did You Know?

    Password Pros is fully owned and operated by Compevo. Windows Password Reset Pro was designed as a result of Compevo customers who forgot their Windows Password. A team of Linux and Windows engineers were put together to develop our reliable software with a 100% effective rate.

    What was once a product to help Compevo customers, became such a great success that the Password Pros was born.
    Still funded by Compevo, Password Pros remains on the top of leading technology and service to bring you the most complete and reliable product on the market.